If your account has been banned for any of the following reasons, we have deemed it serious enough to be unappealable.

• Bug abuse / cheat exploit
• Account hijacking
• Other manual permanent ban (fraud, community safety)

We will not respond to multiple submissions or appeals sent through other channels. Decisions made as part of the appeals process are considered final.

Appeals are reviewed in the order they are received and we do not guarantee enforcements will be overturned. Only the owner of the account in question may appeal an account suspension, and frivolous appeals or appeals submitted to inquire on the status or request unsuspension of an account that you do not own will not be considered. We want to help all our players as efficiently as possible, so please make sure you only contact us with genuine appeals. Disagreeing with a suspension or ban when you break the rules is not a genuine use of the appeals system. Abusing or spamming the appeals process may lead to additional penalties like a permanent ban.


To preserve the integrity of our security systems and detection methods, we will only be able to provide you with the status of your appeal after our investigation is complete.