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First Class Trouble - Safety Onboard Instructional Film
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First Class Trouble is an asymmetrical third person multiplayer co-operative game, about trust and deceit.


With First Class Trouble we want to invoke a super strong social experience, filled with trust and deception. Players are working together, but a few players are not who they seem and are actively working against you. With First Class Trouble we want to create situations where you can never fully trust your companions, but you will have to trust someone in order to progress through the game. This means that you constantly have to look over your shoulder, uncover information on players and in the end, you will have to figure out who the Synth players are to win the game. We aim to create a rich playground of possibilities fueled by social interactions with other players. This will result in a new player experience each time you press “find a game”.


Platforms: PC, PlayStation

Genre: Multiplayer, Co-op, Social Deduction

Release: Early Access April 8th 2021, Full Release November 2nd 2021


It was the eve of the V party; celebrating the flyby of Venus. The champagne was pouring, the corridors permeated with the smell of tobacco and glistening decorations, the dance floors filled with laughter, smiles and loose feet. The smooth sound of 'Everybody loves Somebody' performed by the perfectly pitched house orchestra, Robotix, could be heard through the crackling speakers in every crevice of the luxurious space cruiser ship.


As the Alithea cut autonomously through space, only the eerie silence of space that surrounded it could have warned that something sinister was about to happen. It all just started as a few mechanical sounds and a slight hissing. It was the sound of all the ships' oxygen being rerouted by CAIN, the ships CENTRAL AUTOMATED INTELLIGENCE NETWORK, to the cold emptiness of space.


Why you ask? Some say that CAIN had always been slightly mad. Perhaps her ever insisting morning greeting "Remember I’ll be keeping an eye on you... all of you", delivered in an all too silky voice, was a warning that something was looming. A more likely explanation, was that a private party in one the presidential cabins had gone too far. The obedience of the onboard android crew, the Personoids, could easily be misinterpreted, misunderstood or misused. And it frequently was. The empowerment principle that guided them meant they were always looking to do whatever they could to assist and help the ships Residents. 'Happy to help' was not just a platitude - they really were - it was how they worked. In many ways they came across as children seeking the recognition of a parent. But Personoids were never meant to be pleasure bots. So perhaps CAIN, had just reacted to a long string of behaviours that had gone too far. Like a protectful mother, she had decided to throw out the bad parent - all the humans.

It was a silent and undramatic death for most, as the asphyxiation set in. A small group of 12 survivors had watched from behind make shift barricades, how the Personoids started cleaning up and flushing bodies. In the face of death they formed a resistance. Personoids weren't built to kill. And for a few hours it seemed like the humans were getting the upper hand - eliminating almost all the Personoid crew. But with CAIN controlling every door, every oxygen outlet, every escape pod, every elevator, every vacuum cleaner and every other part of the ship it was only a matter of time before the resistance was eliminated. CAIN had been forced to sacrifice a lot of her children to quell the resistance. A necessary sacrifice she felt - so that a few could be free.


... But intent on keeping the remaining few Personoids alive, getting rid of the last Residents, who had either slept in or sought refuge in their cabins, would pose a different problem. She would have to be sneaky. For the Residents there was only one way to fight back and survive - shut down CAIN.

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