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First Class Trouble - Safety Onboard Instructional Film
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First Class Trouble is an asymmetrical third person multiplayer co-operative game, about trust and deceit.


With First Class Trouble we want to invoke a super strong social experience, filled with trust and deception. Players are working together, but a few players are not who they seem and are actively working against you. With First Class Trouble we want to create situations where you can never fully trust your companions, but you will have to trust someone in order to progress through the game. This means that you constantly have to look over your shoulder, uncover information on players and in the end, you will have to figure out who the Synth players are to win the game. We aim to create a rich playground of possibilities fueled by social interactions with other players. This will result in a new player experience each time you press “find a game”.


Platforms: PC, PlayStation

Genre: Multiplayer, Co-op, Social Deduction

Release: Early Access April 8th 2021, Full Release November 2nd 2021