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Ship Clean-up

The ISS Alithea will be entering Earth orbit on Monday the 18th, and we will need you all to vacate the ship for at least 4 hours, while our staff prepares the ship for a new and exciting journey.

Every corner will be sweeped for glass bottles and new carpet will be installed. But more importantly a lot of stuff will happen behind the scenes and within the walls of the ISS Alithea.

We will be updating almost every part of the game – including the back-end systems that keep First Class Trouble spinning through space. Whole new versions of our server and account management systems will be implemented. You may have noticed a few bumps on our latest solar trip. A lot of these bugs have now been fixed.

This cleanup is a major process and is planned to take approximately 4 hours – between 10.00 CET and 14.00 CET the game will not be available.

We hope to be able to complete it within this planned time frame. However, we will keep you up to date on any progress or delays.

We look forward to patching the game and revealing a new great quality of life update.


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