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Announcing Update 21

We appreciate your patience while we worked to get this update out to all of you. While we had originally planned to launch this update on July 5th, we had to delay after our backend provider notified us of their planned updates a few days before.

Their update required us to upgrade the game to be able to access their updated services. However, the service update introduced a number of severe bugs that we were unable to fix before our team's scheduled summer vacations. The work/life balance of our team is important, and we did not want to interfere with any of their vacations.

As soon as the team got back they jumped into action to make sure everything was updated and working properly. We've now coordinated with our backend provider to schedule a time where we can update the game while they update their services and infrastructure.

So to get to the meat of it: Update 21 will be available on all platforms on Thursday, August 11th at 07:00 AM UTC (09:00 CET/03:00AM EST). We are not expecting any downtime, but there may be minor blips in service. Keep an eye on our Twitter or the Announcements channel in our Discord to stay up to date on server status.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the newest mechanic: The X-Ray Scanner.

This is a new level-specific tool you will find in the Mall, Restaurant, and Ski Resort. This is a one-use tool that is not picked up and cannot be moved. This is a scanner that can be used to determine if the person inside is a Resident or a Personoid. This does not come without risk, nor does it solely benefit Residents. A player on the outside must pass a skill check in order to get the scanner to activate.

But be wary. Failing this skillcheck is disastrous for the player standing inside.

Of course, Personoids can use this to their advantage. Whether by causing someone to fail, failing themselves, or just playing on the doubt created when another player just makes a mistake.

We are also starting to look at more ways of trying to shift the balance back towards the middle. This patch will include our first two changes. We're increasing the difficulty of skillchecks on controller across the board, aiming to prevent airlocks from being a guarantee for players on controller. Skillchecks may continue to be tuned with future updates. We're also increasing the radius of the rum soaked cake in an attempt to make it more useful as an AOE weapon when thrown in fire, opening more opportunities for Personoids to take out players who step too close.

These changes, along with bug fixes for Hidden Personoids and more will all be available to all players for free with Update 21.

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much for playing. Make sure you let us know your thoughts in the feedback channel in our Discord, or let us know if you encounter any bugs.

- The Invisible Walls Team


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