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Celebrating summer and 3 months of First Class Trouble

It's summer, and at the end of next week most of the team at Invisible Walls will be on summer break. We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you great people a fantastic summer.

As we head off to see the country side in Denmark and try to relax (we still can't afford space cruises), we are also celebrating the three month anniversary for the release of First Class Trouble. And may we just say it's been some amazing and overwhelming months. Thank you everyone.

We really appreciate how you have all been extremely patient with us and enthusiastic about the game during these first challenging months. The player base suddenly grew from 2000 to more than 90.000 and we have learned a lot about what that means. It's been amazing with all the feedback and over the course of the 5 updates we have released we have fixed more than 600 bugs and introduced two new levels and a bunch of new features. But there is still a lot more to go.

Just as important, you have been instrumental in creating a fun and friendly community, where it's nice to hang out. And where new players are welcomed. This is important to us. We make games - and more specifically social games -because we as developers love to hang out, enjoy the best things in life, relax, meet new people and have a great time. We have tried to reflect that in First Class Trouble, and we are extremely happy to see that attitude in the game and on the Discord. Keep up the good work. It means a lot to us.

Last week we also pulled off our first attempt at a community event - in an attempt to bring people together. The First Class Trouble tournament obviously had some hiccups. But rest assured we aim to get better in the future. Just like with the game we are learning and improving along the way. It's important to us that First Class Trouble does not become a game, where any competitiveness becomes divisive. Luckily we experienced a very embracing spirit and we will do more tournaments in the future.

Yesterday, we released the supporter pack and we are frankly amazed of how many decided to buy it and support the development. It's humbling and reminds us to continue to make great content for First Class Trouble. We also finally introduced registration. This should likely have been done from the beginning, since it did cause some issues. But the idea behind it, is to avoid most of the account issues that have plagued you in the past, in the future.

A few weeks back we also launched an investment campaign on Funderbeam ( where we are selling 5% of our shares in Invisible Walls. In those few weeks we already raised 442.000 EUR. That's amazing. The money will go toward new and fun content for First Class Trouble, but also towards our next game, Just Perfect. We look forward to sharing more about that next year. But thank you everyone for investing and believing in Invisible Walls. We promise to do our best and keep making amazing and fun games.

We look forward to coming back later this summer to continue the improvements, share some exciting news with you, see the game grow and continue the journey throughout the solar system with you.

We truly truly love and appreciate our community and all of you. For the first time in many years we can go on summer vacations with a really great feeling to the stomach. We also hope you all get a chance to enjoy some great weather and get some vacation. And we would love to see pictures from your summer in #summer on Discord ( We will try to post pictures from the teams' vacation as well.

Take care and stay deceiving.

Remember to keep your Personoid well oiled in the heat - and stay out of the dangerous Sun and play some First Class Trouble.



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