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FCT story competition

It's time for a community competition. If you are up for it...

Write a story, based in the alternate timeline, and expand the world of First Class Trouble. Win the below prizes.

1st prize: Two full copies of First Class Trouble (when it’s released) – for you and a friend. Dinner (virtual) with the devs, where you can ask us anything (we will cover up to 75 dollars for food).

2nd place: A full copy of First Class Trouble and a bottle of Champagne.

3rd place: A full copy of First Class Trouble.

To be eligible:

Story must be between 600-1500 words long.

Story can be a fragment, a dialogue, character driven, a historic description … whatever you think is fun.

Must take place between 1941-1954 in the FCT timeline (follow link).

AI must be part of the story.

Submit before 5th of February.

To submit send to – use this subject: FCT STORY.

We will choose what we believe to be the 3 best stories, and let the community read and vote on the final victor.

Check the alternate history timeline here:


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