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Patch 1.1 - Lights out!

Hi dear Residents, The days are getting shorter here at the office and we wanted to reflect that in the game. So now we have made two night versions of the Gardens and the Resort.

The Gardens at night.

The Resort at night.

We also received a few reports that it is very hard to take the escape pod when you are the last resident alive. So we added in a small door to give a few extra seconds for you to escape. We have chosen to call it escape pod seal.

Escape Pod Seal.

Of course this small patch also includes a ton of fixes - again most are there to smoothen out the experience behind the scene. This is the second to last patch before our major update coming very soon. Look out for that! Thanks so much to everyone who is playing and reporting stuff to make this a better experience for everyone!

- Invisible Walls

  • New Feature: Escape Pod doors: Now you will be able to shut the door behind you leaving that pesky Personoid behind. Hurry though - they are breaking down the door!

  • New Map Variants: The Gardens & Resort are now a little darker! Winter is coming and thus it is getting darker - at least where we are located. Enjoy some new scenic night views!

  • Added in a disclaimer to encourage people to use the ingame voice chat system.

  • Tweaked the visual UI element for the progress bars.

  • Reskinned the chandelier handle to fit with the new escape pod seal.

  • Fixed elements of the symbol puzzle that would interfere with the Push-To-Talk option.

  • Fixed some collision with the pools, which caused some characters to drown while on land.

  • Fixed the logic behind some achievements not popping correctly.

  • Fixed the friends list often not displaying the correct status on your friends. More fixes are coming soon.

  • Fixed additional fixes to the O/X issues on PS4 in the Asia regions.

Thanks so much for reading! Join the discussion on our discord here and of course... add the game to your library, or wishlist, right now.

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