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Patch 1.2 - Holiday Cheers

Hello Passengers!

We've got a big quality-of-life update ready to enhance your experience onboard the Alithea.

To start things off, we're introducing map voting in the elevator. This will only be present when you enter the elevator in the starting area, and will give you 10 seconds to vote for your favorite out of three.

Not everyone is in the Discord, and not everyone watches for Steam announcements. To help cover the gaps, we're introducing a message box on the main menu to provide information on maintenance, updates, and other important events in a very convenient place.

This is still in an experimental state, but now you can see how you stand against other residents on the Alithea. So far the categories are mostly meant for fun, as we don't want to encourage griefing for a high kill count. We'll continue to look at potential categories and updates for this feature.

Christmas has come to the Alithea! We've decorated almost all of the levels to fit with the season. We hope these new variants will warm as we cozy up for Christmas.

Not entirely new, but we've added a tutorial back to the main menu. We were probably a little too optimistic that people would fool around and just learn the game by themselves. It's hard to explain deceit and trust in a game, but hopefully this guide makes it easier to learn the fundamentals.

Coming soon: New Twitch drops! The exact dates and participating channels will be released throughout the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those soon.

Our goal with this patch was to give you, the players, the ability to guide the game just a bit more. Of course, we also have a list of bugfixes to help improve the experience as well. This will be our last patch before our next major update - keep an eye out for news on that!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to play and provide feedback. We go through everything we can to help make the experience better for all of you.

- Invisible Walls

  • New Feature: Map Voting We've heard you and we are introducing map voting in the elevator from the starting level to the main area. We do not want all maps to be present when voting so for now you will get 10 seconds to vote for your favorite.

  • New Feature: Service Messages For a long time we have been used to all our players following our channels, but it is time we include everyone so now we will write important messages in regards to server maintenance etc. straight on the main menu.

  • New Feature: Leaderboard Still in an experimental state, but now you can see how you stand against other residents onboard First Class Trouble.

  • New Map Variants We have decorated almost all of the levels to fit with the season.

  • New Feature: Tutorial While note entirely new, we've introduced a tutorial to the main menu that gives a much better overview of the game's foundations.

  • New Cosmetic Drops: Hazmat Suit, Rubber Flamingo Hat, and Duck Hat Keep an eye out for the announcement of these drops.

  • Tweaked the Emergency Event so it will no longer appear immediately after the player gets set free in the level. It also will overall appear less frequent due to certain parameters being changed.

  • Tweaked the rows for customization unlocks so they appear in two rows as some levels unlock too many things to keep it within the screen.

  • Tweaked the default models so they no longer show before your own customization is loaded. Might lead to some with slower connections to see the characters later, but we think the compromise is ok.

  • We made all the Vruumba race longer, however we also removed the boost in the race as it did not work as intended.

  • Tweaked some of our localization in response to feedback received on our Discord server.

  • Added a little “bird”-cage to Gardens.

  • Added an Interactive Alithea model in the Starting Area. Interact with it and it will play you a song.

  • Added a Scanner in the Personoid Quarters airlock.

  • Tweaked the Personoid/Resident randomization algorithm. There is nothing called random in computers, but we can always try to improve it.

  • Fixed the reporting system not containing any players on PS4 systems.

  • Fixed the push-to-talk on the symbol puzzle.

  • Fixed it so the Block/Unblock functionality on the Find Friend tab correctly shows appropriate status of the player.

  • Fixed various crashes related to the cloud friends system.

  • Fixed additional localization items not being translated.

  • Fixed the male model skeleton being a little off when jumping.

  • Fixed that you are no longer able to interact with players before you get up.

  • Fixed a countdown appearing multiple times if you are joining a Backfill Lobby that has been previously full.

  • Fixed that the left d-pad was unbound.

  • Fixed passenger log loading message not appearing when playing in japanese.

  • Fixed Vruumba Race sounds vanishing at some points.

  • Fixed some Vruumba controls not being properly bound on PC users.

  • When pressing the Block Button on recently played with players the state does not change even though the blocking of the player is in effect.

    • We are working a fix, which will arrive in the next patch.

Thanks so much for reading!

Join the discussion on our discord here and of course... add the game to your library, or wishlist, right now!


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