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PATCH 1.3.9 - Preparing For Custom Games

With all of the new Residents, we've had to continue expanding the services provided on board the Alithea. The new areas of the ship that have become available were just the first steps. But now, SIIC is working on launching our latest and greatest cruise offering: customized experiences!

In order to support these custom experiences, we're first going to have to roll out some changes to how our crew gets you on board. While these changes aren't anything you'll see just yet, it allows us time to make sure everything is working on our side before we start letting Residents head off on custom experiences.

While we're training the crews in the new processes, we've also got crews on the ship taking down the Lunar New Year decorations. We had a blast celebrating and we hope you did too! Some of our maintenance workers also took it upon themselves to make some changes while they were cleaning out the Casino. Please let us or your nearest Personoid know if anything seems amiss!

Above all, have fun and enjoy the ride. We can't wait to start offering custom cruises for you and your friends!

  • Prepared for upcoming large custom game update.

  • Removed Lunar New Year Decorations

  • Redid the lighting in the Casino to make it a bit more vibrant.

  • Replaced the proximity scanner icons.

  • When escaping using the Escape Pod it will no longer say “you are dead” on the screen when on the voting screen.

  • Two Personoids should no longer be able to both use a syringe on the same person - on the same time.

  • Increased the amount of overdose syringe stands in the Casino.

  • Lowered the amount of padlock spawns to two in the Casino.

  • Now the proximity scanner only spawns in the airlock in the Casino.

  • Fixed some overlap on some shirts that caused a hole in their necks.

  • Fixed that when you were pushed while using the symbol puzzle the UI would be stuck on your menu.

  • Removed the not in local chat message persisting on the main menu even though you are reconnected.

  • Fixed an issue where the menu music would often not start when entering the menu from the post match screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Paper Plane trajectory would remain on screen.

  • Fixed an issue with a light ray being visible in the emergency voting room.

  • Fixed some lighting inconsistencies under the bridge on the C.A.I.N map.

  • Fixed that some pools in the resort did not have the proper water textures.

  • Fixed various clipping issues on all maps.

  • Fixed various floating items on all maps.

  • Fixed various gaps allowing the player to see outside the mapl on all maps.

  • Fixed various items having no, or wrong collision models on all maps.

  • Fixed various ghost/z-fighting assets on all maps.

  • Fixed various issues related to asset LOD settings on all maps.

  • Fixed various issues related to assets making the player able to get stuck on all maps.

  • Fixed various issues with assets displaying temporary or wrong material on all maps.

  • Fixed various issues with decals causing overlap on the characters on all maps.

  • Fixed various issues with hazards bleeding through walls on all maps.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the tooltip messages to be empty when force opening doors.


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