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COVID-19 is still upon us but fret not we are steadily churning out content for everyone to enjoy. This patch includes a new lev el for everyone to run around in, the Server Room. The server room is the area where CAIN is located and where the brave residents venture in to shut down the A.I - better hope there isn't a Personoid hiding amongst you or it might just go very wrong! The server room includes two new cooperative tasks that we can't wait for people to try out. Lastly, we have a few tweaks, which all can be read below on the full list of additions.


  • New level - Server Room is playable. It might still be pending some balancing.

  • Added an auto-aim system to throwable champagne bottles.

  • Added emergency audio system and camera shake (Various props, furniture and light sources now respond to the occasional shakes and rumbles on the ship).

  • Changed the spawn location on the server room.

  • Added a new cooperative “server sabotage mechanic”

  • Added a new cooperative “Hold-The-Bridge” mechanic.

  • Added additional audio cues to the menus.

  • Added additional emergency lighting to the start areas.

  • Reworked lighting in the Server Room - still a work-in-progress.


  • Remodeled the tutorial signs.

  • Removed the abilities for the robotic cleaners to earn points and spawn bottles for the players.

  • Additional spot sounds, menu sounds and sound effects in general.

  • Lowered the passenger log information so it always gives less precise information in the beginning levels.

  • Made it clearer who the different factions were on the score screen.

  • Reworked many objects colliders to allow for the robotic vacuum cleaners to traverse.

  • Lowered the threshold for when to play syringe kill audio.

  • Reworked the sounds on CAIN.

  • Reworked the symbol puzzle audio.


  • Fixed a certain bug, where interactions were sometimes being turned off for world interactables.

  • Optimized light and shadow in the server area for increased performance.

  • Fixed an issue where a victim could single handedly knock down a personoid trying to kill you with the syringe.

  • Cleaned up the persistent layers to increase performance.


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