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The time has come for our intermedient patch before a larger rework goes live later in June. This patch will hopefully bring a huge performance boost for everyone as we have optimized a lot of our assets and the way we render them. Moreover, a lot of the issues that players have reported have been fixed and First Class Trouble haven't run as smooth as it does now!


  • Vastly improved performance in all levels with an almost doubling in frame count - expect an even greater performance boost in the coming patches.

  • Remodelled the airlock - both the airlock for the deliberation and the cooperative airlock.

  • Added VFX and details to the airlocks to really polish it up.

  • Remade the model for the syringe stand in order to make it stand out more in open environments.

  • Temporarily masked a lot of the outside of the levels so it looks a little more clean when you look outside and when you get spaced.

  • Adjusted the look of the main menu into a more clean look and added a stamp to emphasize that the game is in development.

  • Added a benchmark feature in the graphical settings.

  • Added more audio cues and screen shake that react to the game environment.

  • A Personoid can no longer die due to lack of oxygen, but will instead stagger emulating someone about to die.

  • The Personoid is notified about who their ally is, at the beginning of the game.

  • Added sounds when you give another player oxygen.

  • Added ambience sounds to the server room.

  • Skillchecks now only runs twice during a co-op exercise and the time has been reduced to 7 seconds.

  • A new standalone end screen.

  • Added new pickup containers more suitable in the server room and more industrial looking levels.

  • Added a black/white filter to the elevator camera and increased the FOB to encompass all players.

  • Added a neon-sign hum sound.


  • Skillchecks are slightly easier in general

  • Lowered the difficulty of the symbol puzzle - there are now fewer symbols and we made it smaller so you can use the chat feature if you don’t have a microphone.

  • When using Personoid private chat you are automatically placed back in public chat when one Personoid leaves the chat.

  • Tweaked ragdoll physics when being spaced, so the ragdoll is more consistently shot out of the airlock.

  • Added invisible walls around the server room and airlocks so the robotic vacuum cleaners cannot escape.

  • Increased the amount of oxygen in the start areas.

  • Changed some fonts and sizes to make the UI a little more clean.

  • Increased the size of the player start cabins.

  • Added some extra details to the cabins and common rooms.

  • Various means to increase performance.

  • Moved mouse invert settings from “Esc”-menu to settings.

  • Moved mouse sensitivity settings from “Esc”-menu to settings.

  • Moved voice gain settings from “Esc”-menu to settings.

  • Improved the collision on many assets to allow for better robotic vacuum traversal.

  • Added some hints and text to explain the goal of the server room a little more clearly - wip.

  • Added a frost effect when you get spaced.

  • Lighting build rework in the Server Room.

  • Increased the button time on a few double-button doors in the lobby.

  • Added some more details to the elevator in the mall.

  • Added various emissive signs around in the levels.

  • Improved the UI for the server room level.

  • Added some more festive thematics to the mall - wip.

  • You can now see the global oxygen as a robotic vacuum cleaner.

  • Replace the ‘alien’-lamps in the server room with industrial lamps.

  • Reduced the range of a person getting killed.


  • Fixed thrown bottles hovering mid air if thrown at downed players. Then immediately reverted it back to hovering in mid air.

  • Fixed extreme jitter on corpses that had been carried at least once.

  • Fixed a bug with the Airlock skill check that caused it to fail when another person looked at it.

  • Fixed the lighting in the airlock deliberation areas.

  • Added an extra fail state to the airlock voting. If a player disconnects the during voting the game will continue 2,5 minutes after.

  • Fixed an issue where a player could be killed by standing too close to an airlock door when it was venting out into space.

  • Fixed some LOD draw distances on several pieces of level architecture.

  • Fixed a bug where the player remained muted when exiting the game before the end screen.

  • Fixed an issue where LOD2 and LOD3 of the Passenger Logs changed to the wrong material.

  • Fixed an issue where a co-op button-door did not open in the Lobby when helping other players out of their common room.

  • Fixed an issue in the Mall where some walls popped in.

  • Hid the tutorial video to fix a bug where the main menu would be hidden underneath it if you weren’t using a widescreen resolution.

  • Fixed the vacuum sounds continuing at the end screen.

  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the syringe stand tooltip.

  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the symbol puzzle.

  • Fixed an issue where the keycard handin points could be duped.

  • Fixed an issue with the colliders of gas cylinders blocking the players.

  • Reduced light bleeding in all levels.

  • Rotated some panels on the elevator doors so they sit correctly on the doors.

  • Removed the army choir track.


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