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Update 19 - Security Is Key

Spring is in the air, and what better way to start the season off than an update to First Class Trouble?

SIIC's security division has spent a lot of time coming up with new ways to ensure Passenger safety. To minimize the time the Alithea has to spend in the dock, they've designed a few ways of signaling other Passengers when you need to hold important discussions.

The first of these is the Security Meeting button located in any security rooms you find onboard. These can be activated every 2 minutes, and will send out a signal visible to everyone in your area letting them know that you want to hold a meeting. These meetings are entirely voluntary, though, as we don't want to interfere with how people are enjoying their cruise!

The Security team also considered that sometimes you may just need to bring attention to something. Maybe a syringe is missing, maybe you found a spilled cocktail, who knows? That's where the Meeting Beacons come in. These portable beacons give you a chance to let everyone know that there's something there. What could it be? Well, you'll still need to hang around to tell them!

Of course garbage can pose a danger as well. Slipping and falling is definitely not great for your health! We've placed some trash compactors around the ship to help with that. We've received a few reports of Personoids mistaking bodies or oxygen canisters for garbage though so just keep your eyes out!

We're also introducing new ways to customize your cruise by adding options relating to oxygen. This gives you a vast level of control on how oxygen flows through the ship, allowing you to increase or reduce the risk on board. We have also increased the maximum length of a cruise from 1 hour to 2 hours. We know Passengers often love adrenaline, and what's more exciting than flying on a luxury cruise ship with just barely enough oxygen for a round trip!? We hope these options give you a lot of control over the balance of your personal trips to make it a more competitive experience.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and look forward to the ones we have planned in the future. As always, make sure you stay connected by joining our Discord. We love to hear your feedback and we're always keeping an eye out for any bugs you find, so make sure to post those in the right channels in Discord or share them with us on our feedback and bug report site!

Thanks for reading,

- The Invisible Walls Team

NEW FEATURE: Security Meeting

We have added the big red button to the security areas. Now you can run to the security room and press a button that will alert everyone that you would like to talk. It is then completely voluntary if people want to join in or the meeting or not. Ignore it if you want, go take part in the discussion or use it as an opportunity to cast doubt. The alarm lasts for 20 seconds. We will monitor this feature to make sure that it does not take away from the gameplay and therefore we rely on you to join our Discord/use our feedback system on our website to tell us how you feel about it.

NEW ITEM: Meeting Beacon

The meeting beacon is an item that you can throw around to gain the attention of players. Maybe you found a corpse that you would like people to come and see, or maybe you found a syringe missing..

NEW ITEM: Trash Compactor

The trash compactor is a trash chute that you can use to get rid of your Oxygen Canisters as a Personoid. You can also use it to dispose of bodies that you don’t want those pesky residents tripping over. This item is part of our ongoing effort to make Personoids stronger. We will continually add more things to make Personoids more balanced.

NEW FEATURE: Main menu scrolling info box

We quite like our service message, but we thought it would be cooler if it could show images. So we did just that. It can now show images and we have given it the ability to open up a link to the news that the image represents.

New Custom Game Parameter: Amount of Oxygen

This parameter adjusts the maximum amount of oxygen that is available to the players (the top bar). You can create very frantic games where the oxygen is only 25% of the default or more slow paced games where the oxygen is as high as 200% more.

New Custom Game Parameter: Oxygen Canister refill amount

This parameter adjusts the amount of oxygen that an oxygen canister provides to the shared pool when a person delivers them to an oxygen outlet. If you set it to 1000% you can be pretty sure that a single delivery will fill the bar all the way up!

New Custom Game Parameter: Oxygen Outlet sabotage amount

When you adjust the oxygen sabotage amount you can make it more or less devastating when a Personoid sabotages the outlets. This can again be used to create very oxygen delivery intensive games.

New Custom Game Parameter: Oxygen Generator refill amount

Much like the above with the oxygen outlet, but this is simply for the generators themselves - the large oxygen generators that normally provide a massive amount of oxygen to the shared pool. Now you decide how strong they are.

New Custom Game Parameter: Oxygen Generator sabotage amount

Again like the outlets above you can tinker with how much a sabotage is worth.

New Custom Game Parameter: Oxygen Generator fail amount

If you hadn’t noticed then there is a difference between when an oxygen generator fails to be repaired or if it is sabotaged. With this parameter you can fiddle with how devastating it is to fail a skill check when repairing the oxygen generator.

  • Changed the maximum amount of time that a game can carry on to 2 hours.

  • Added localization for new custom game settings.

  • Made the close button on the symbol puzzle the correct color when hovered.

  • Fixed the Vruumbas so they no longer excessively hover on the main menu.

  • Fixed a hole behind the stairs on Casino.

  • Fixed a lightmap error in the Mall.

  • Fixed some localization scaling issues on the Play Now tab.


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