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The C.A.I.N. Terminal is where the final showdown will take place. The terminal will be the place where you interface with the onboard ship AI named C.A.I.N. (Central Automated Intelligence Network) to shut it down. This means that this will be the final place where you can decide if you trust the partners that you have traversed through the game with.

Above you see the concept for the C.A.I.N. terminal, designed by our art director Andreas Bech. The terminal follows the established visual technical style established by the fictatious universe that functions as the background for the games' setting. It is an highly analog interface, meant to visualise that the players themselves has to manually interface with the terminal in order to shut down C.A.I.N.

Above you see the 'feeling' that the player should feel while interacting with the terminal - albeit this is a early render of the C.A.I.N. Terminal.

When the above concept was finalised it was passed on to our talented 3D Artist, Kasper Vendelbo, which after a brief design meeting started to block it out to get proper proportions.

After the proportions and initial model has been done it undergoes a process where a high poly model is made, in which normal maps and forth are baked from.

The above image showcase the initial texture pass and the wireframe of the model. The overall design goal for the models is to keep them fairly low-poly and instead do as much as we can through few very high quality textures. The texturing is done in Substance Painter with some other magic on the side.

The textures and model are frequently exported out and updated in UE4 untill we reach our final visual fidelity needed to convey our design goals for the C.A.I.N. Terminal.

Above you see the final asset as it looks in-game (due note that the environment & lighting is still a work-in-progress). We hope you enjoyed this little insight into how we developed the C.A.I.N. Terminal interface!


We can't wait to deceive our way to the end as undercover Personoids!


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