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Patch 1.7.5 - A Balancing Act

Greetings Passengers!

We recently pushed patch 1.7.5 live on all platforms. This patch is small in size, but we hope it proves to bring a big shift in how the game is played.

Patch 1.7.5 brings a new item and a shift to item spawns. This new item is the Throwable Syringe. We have received requests for a ranged weapon for Personoids for a very long time, but have struggled to find a safe and balanced way to implement it. We're hoping this is the correct solution, but we will be keeping a close eye on feedback to make sure.

Visually, the Throwable Syringe appears the same as a regular syringe. However, Throwable Syringes spawn randomly and not in Syringe Stands. When thrown at a healthy Resident, the Throwable Syringe will unfortunately cause immediate death so please handle with care. It is also not currently blocked by SIIC Shields, as the Shield Deployment System does not detect impacts from projectiles.

You can see the full patch notes below.

  • NEW FEATURE: Throwable Syringe Personoids needed a well deserved buff so we added in this randomly spawning item that requires skill to execute, but used well it can certainly balance things out to your side.

  • Shuffled the keycard spawns around

  • Removed the Feedback/Accolade system as it is becoming deprecated

  • Removed Roadmap from main menu

    • The roadmap was not currently providing any extra information, so it is being removed to help minimize confusion

  • Removed Leaderboards from main menu

    • The leaderboards were causing many errors that we have been unable to resolve, so we have removed them as a last resort. Progress is still tracked but display will not currently be available.

  • Added in some custom outfits for some awesome people

Thanks so much for reading!

Join the discussion on our Discord here and of course... add the game to your library right now!


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