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Celebrating CAIN's Birthday

We would like to celebrate that a bit more than a year ago we released FCT on PlayStation® and in V1. It’s been an amazing journey from EA and up until now. To celebrate CAIN’s birthday, we’re going to be having our own developer bonanza.

We’ll be doing a developer play day on December 5th, where you can play with all of us who worked on FCT. We’ll be queuing with people in Discord, taking questions, giving away unique items, and giving out DLC codes. At the same time all DLC will also be on sale during Christmas, and we are part of Yogscast JingleJam.

There will be an announcement with more info posted once times are finalized. We’re excited to share some more time with all of you who have supported our journey and love FCT. We hope to see as many of you as possible and talk about what, how and why we make games.

To participate, make sure you join our Discord and keep an eye on the Events and Announcements channels.

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