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Christmas has come to First Class Trouble and with it comes a series of fixes to the game.


  • Christmas has come to First Class Trouble bearing gifts and festive hats.

  • Inverted mouse & look sensitivity settings (bottom of menu).

  • Partial controller support (UI navigation/button prompts still not supported).

  • Removed visual cues on sabotaged elements.

  • How-to-play video added to the menu (most basic rules).

  • “low global oxygen” warning to all players.

  • Improved the visual message on start game if you are a Personoid or Resident.

  • Characters mortal coil is sent into the cold embrace of space, upon being freed from life, within the “ Certified First-Class-Safety Airlock Ejection System™ “.

  • Point system that is based on deduction, deception, sabotage, cooperation and the ending of the game. (Work-In-Progress).

  • In accordance with the above the end high score screen is under rework and should showcase some of the above mentioned categories instead.

  • More Voice-over output/input options. Now you can test your microphone outputs. Push-to-talk, who is talking etc. (Work-In-Progress).

  • New First Class Trouble Steam icons & Logos.

  • You can now get drunk of the ships many drink stands.

  • New spectator roomba sounds.

  • The spectator roombas can now clean up trash after the other players - holding left mouse button.

  • New matchmaking sounds in menu including a loud elevator noise when game is found.

  • Textured the syringe stand (personoid weapon) - awaiting a larger rework.

  • Added some fun facts to the spectating roomba UI.


  • Reduced cooldown on airlock flush and reduced sirene playing time.

  • Reduced the amount of information that people receive from passenger logs.

  • General UI/HUD tweaks.

  • Shortened the game waiting time.

  • Only three players can now enter the final server area.

  • Emergency flush room now has much shorter kill-period.


  • Fixed an issue where Microphone/VOIP did not work after joining a second game without exiting to desktop. (no need to exit to desktop after each session now).

  • Fixed a sound/mic issue where windows default communication was used instead of default sound device.

  • Airlock deliberation

- AFK/Crashed player work around in airlock deliberation. It will now randomly pick an option after 30 seconds.

- Spacing two players spaced allowed a player to not be marked as dead

  • Inventory properly showcasing champagne bottles

  • Transferring oxygen to other players should now properly work

  • Grabbing another player incorrectly would not give an invalid argument

  • Fixed bug where players could grab thin air, softlocking themself

  • Ragdoll should be less prone to get players stuck (not completely mitigated)

  • Fixed Heartbeat sound continues playing on roomba spectator mode

  • Now teleporting spectating roombas with players, as they move to next area (caused heavy performance issues)

  • Removed “low oxygen” icon on dead players

  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t get your mouse control back when interacting with a tutorial menu and pressing escape

  • Fixed an issue where players could not grab crouching players

  • Fixed a bug where two personoids could load in before everyone else and got a personoid-victory

  • Fixed an issue where other (not full-HD) resolutions messed up mouse controls/UI

  • Removed the passenger log from inventory after deliberation airlock

  • UI buttons for voting no longer pixelated before clicking

  • Loading screen correctly covers the whole screen on wide aspect ratios


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