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Time has come for the first public patch after the holidays. We have been hard at work polishing the core experience and have added additional features. A new feature is the ability to throw champagnebottles at each other. Now you need to watch your back even more while solving life and death interactions!


  • Added throwable champagne bottles. Knock out your fellow passengers from a distance!

  • New C.A.I.N. server level where you shut down the A.I.

  • New minigame to progress through the C.A.I.N. level - still needs balancing.

  • New audio occlusion layer for better sounding music and ambience transitions.

  • New UI icons for throwing champagne bottles, scanner, private chat etc.

  • Added C.A.I.N. AI computer system.

  • Multiple new computer systems, servers and electronic statics.

  • Removed holiday themed environments.

  • Added the capability for the Personoids to enter a private voice channel using “T”.

  • Added more setting goodies such as a ring planet, stars and light rays to simulate movement.


  • Reworked lighting in a range of levels. Still a work-in-progress.

  • Added more destruction, props and sense of life in the Mall level.

  • Added new sounds:

- Grab drink from table (with ‘drunk mode’)

- Emergency flush

- Foliage (when walking into bushes)

- Throwable bottle

- Physicalized props: bottles and chairs

  • Speakers now play music from a much bigger collection of old music

  • Added more physicalized objects to levels.

  • Made the hacking skill-check more difficult.

  • Reworked the wording on passenger logs to be more simple to relay and understand.

  • Added post-processing effect when drunk

  • Moved ragdoll system replication from server to local to fix physics replication

  • Added multiple LOD groups for objects


  • Fixed several UI errors not showing the correct info, vanishing at the wrong times, order etc.

  • Fixed various issues with the score screen not showing the correct end scenario.

  • Implemented additional measures to counteract the player running out of VRAM on level streaming.

  • Symbol puzzle tweaks and fixes.

  • Implemented several VOIP tweaks and fixes.

  • Fixed Vivox shut off when ending game.

  • Fixed camera teleport player orientations

  • And many, many more..


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