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So COVID-19 has hit us as well and have forced us to work from home, but that does not mean that we have to push any of our scheduled test/patch events. This patch will see a lot of smaller features that combined has the goal of making the game more enjoyable when you are spectating. Moreover, we have reworked the level structure to to shorten the game sessions and tighten up the user experience. We will need additional testing on this before we finally commit to this direction and this is what you can help us with! Please enjoy the patch and give us feedback on how you think the game is headed.


  • Reworked the level structure

  • Cabins and common rooms are now connect directly to the Lobby (no elevator ride)

  • Moved the C.A.I.N. server level up so it directly follows the Mall level.

  • Removed restaurant level pending reconstruction into a larger more standalone level.

  • Indicator to show if your system is connected to the VOIP servers. (we’re using the service VIVOX)

  • Added C.A.I.N. AI computer system.

  • Multiple new computer systems, servers and electronic statics.

  • You can now carry around the dead husks of other players. Press ‘Left Mouse’ to interact with a body and hide it where no one can find it again!

  • Both solo and cooperative kills can now be interrupted by bottle smash/throw

  • The roomba can now fly to the skies using powerful jets.

  • Roombas can shoot forks and shortly stun other (experimental)

  • Personoids now drop syringe weapon so other Personoid can pick it up

  • On-screen UI on syringes and key card slots

  • Greatly reduced the risk of crashing when loading a new level

  • Voice Icons on all players when talking

  • Characters move their mouths when players talk

  • Environmental storytelling in Mall (in progress)

  • New UI on Roomba

  • VFX effects on Roomba

  • Suitcases now opens when they are looted


  • Max champagne bottles in inventory is now 3

  • Players now drop their items before being flushed out in the Emergency Flush

  • Additional spot sounds and sound effects in general

  • Killing as personoids now takes 3 seconds

  • Symbol task now has auto-closes when players have solved it and the cooldown for wrong guess is only 3 seconds

  • Syringe weapons now spawns at random predefined locations

  • Revised UI on start message “you are a personoid/resident”


  • Fixed an issue where only one player got “shut down CAIN” as an end-condition

  • Fixed an issue where Point Categories would no longer show on screen during actions

  • Fixed an issue where when you pressed escape during start screen you were stuck forever in the menu

  • Fixed an issue where passenger log picked up from a body would not show the log in the TAB menu

  • Fixed an issue where symbol co-op task would appear after solving it

  • And many, many more..


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