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UPDATE 18 - Custom Games!

Greetings Passengers!

Welcome to the first iteration of Custom Games. Now you get to decide how you want to play.

It is important to note that this is just our first iteration of the features that we want to add. It is our goal to keep adding to this every month so in a few months time you can fiddle with every aspect of the game and tailor it completely your way.

We hope that you will like what we have done and that you will provide us with feedback on our discord so we know if we are going in the right direction with this new feature. For now - enjoy!

  • Invisible Walls

  • New Game Mode: Custom Games When you have gathered 6 players into a party a new option to start a custom game starts. When you press the button a number of parameters appear. This is the first iteration of our custom game features, which we want to heavily expand monthly as part of our larger content updates. The custom game features are only meant for full parties as we still want to keep the base game as it is and if you want to fiddle with the settings it should be up for the party to decide and not for a random person joining in. This also means that if someone leaves in the Backfill/Prefill lobby then the game will revert to a standard game.

  • New Custom Game Parameter: Adjust amount of Personoids With this parameter you have the option of choosing the minimum and maximum amount of Personoids in the game. You can choose between 1-6. So yes you can all be Personoids if you want that.; or maybe you want to go hardcore with just a single Personoid.

  • New Custom Game Parameter: Adjust amount of Overdose Syringes With this parameter you decide how many syringes there are in the main levels only. You can pick between 0-6 so if you want a game where it is all about deception then set it to 0 or if you want to be chased around by a Personoids with all the weapons available to them, then you set it to 6.

  • New Custom Game Parameter: Adjust the amount of main levels A main level is the level after the Lobby. With this parameter you can add between 0-3 main levels. So now you can grab breakfast at the Mall, go for a swim at the resort and then grab dinner at the Restaurant before heading to the C.A.I.N. Server room; and yes by adding 0 main levels you go directly to the server room if you feel like doing that.

  • Localized additional content from last update. This will be ongoing monthly adding localization from the last update.

  • Lowered the LOD amount on the Extravagant Dragon Vruumba.

  • Changed the months from the Roadmap, which all were 1 month of. They displayed the internal sprints and not the actual targeted release dates.

  • Adjusted the sizing of the matchmaking messages to be more aligned to different languages.

  • Fixed multiple party invites being displayed at the same time. Now it will show the oldest invite until you dismiss the invite.

  • When you press return in the custom games settings panel as a host when searching for a match it will cancel the search for match.

Thanks so much for reading!

Join the discussion on our discord here and of course... add the game to your library right now!


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