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Update 21 Patch Notes

The time is now! The X-Ray scanner is out there for you to use however you see fit. This new mechanic is meant to be a double-edged blade.

If you haven't already seen our post that explains how the X-Ray Scanner works, you can check it out here. Keep reading for the full patch notes for this update!

NEW FEATURE: Public X-Ray Scanner Placed in the mall, ski resort and restaurant - the public x-ray scanner allows the residents/or Personoids to scan players, but beware that it requires a skill check that might lead to the instantaneous albeit unfortunate demise of the player in the X-ray scanner.

The X-ray scanner is a one time use and you should therefore be extra careful who you decide to have controlling the machinery.

The machine works by reporting if there is any Personoid present inside the machine after a completed skill check. It will report an error if someone fails the skill check and it will report empty if someone uses it with no one in it.

  • Made all skill checks a little harder on gamepads in order to buff personoids a little bit - we will continue to do so over the next little while..

  • Increased the radius of the rum soaked cake so it is more useful as an AOE weapon when thrown on fire.

  • Disabled Personoid text chat if the Hidden Personoid custom game parameter is active.

  • Removed deception points given to Personoids when playing with the Hidden Personoid game mode activated.

  • Fixed some holes in the walls in the Casino.

  • Fixed a flying attachment on the ambulance vruumba.

  • Fixed various translation errors.

  • Fixed a problem where the menu sliders were not interacting correctly when using a controller.

Thanks so much for reading!

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