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Your own luxurious private cabin

In Cainwood, each round will start out in your own private custom made space cruise cabin. Each player will have control over their own decor and style, which will express themselves as a player.

The goal is to provide customizable options with a alternative mid-century modern style with a twist of contempory nordic design interior classics.

Below you can see the interior as sketched out by our art director Andreas Bech.


On the following image you can see that we did not end up far away from the intended goal in terms of implementation. Of course this is still a work in progress, but it does showcase the direction that we wish to push the overall artstyle dictated by the interior design and overarching setting.


Check out the gallery below to see a extended look at the implemented result in Unreal Engine.


We hope you enjoyed the little sneak peak at one of the few rooms that you will traverse aboard the space cruise ship.

- Invisible Walls


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