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Hazmat Suit Twitch Drops

Greetings, Passengers!

With the launch of 1.2, The Alithea received a surplus supply of Hazmat Suits. While usually reserved for maintenance staff, the crew decided to pass them around in the holiday spirit of giving.

These suits are available now as a Twitch Drop. The campaign will run until December 15th at 12:00 UTC (13.00 CET/07:00AM EST/04:00AM PST). All streamers are eligible to enable the drops on your channel, you just have to link your Twitch account at and then stream First Class Trouble.

In order to earn a suit, you must have an eligible Twitch account and have played at least one match in First Class Trouble. Follow these instructions to earn drops:

  1. Log in to with your Twitch account

  2. Click on the "Log in with Versus Evil" button that appears

    1. If you own the game on Steam, click the "Steam" button that appears on the next page

    2. If you own the game on PlayStation, click the "PlayStation" button that appears on the next page

  3. Go to and watch any streamer who has a "Drops Enabled" tag for 30 minutes.

  4. Twitch will give you a notification when you've earned the drop. Go to and click on the "Claim" button there.

  5. Go back to and click the "Claim all earned drops" button. If the button does not appear, make sure you are logged in.

Please note that the item is purely cosmetic and will have no effect on gameplay. If you run into any issues earning or claiming these drops, please join our Discord by clicking here and ask for help in the report-a-bug channel.


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